About us

In the United Kingdom, financial service providers are really a dime a dozen. Walk down the high street of your local town and you will find them all over. With various loan offers from payday loans, tenant guarantor loans and logbook loans, you are spoilt for choice when you want to select one who will give you a loan in your time of need.

Unfortunately, not all financial service providers are equal. Some are just out to take your money, not worrying if you can repay your loan or not. At Columbi Loans, we are totally different. A small concern yes, we offer various loan products but with you the loanee very much in mind. We are an ethical lender and for that reason, we back up all of our promises in this regard by belonging to the Consumer Credit Trade Association. By doing this, we give any clients that are unhappy with our service an outlet to take up their grievances. Not only that but the code of practices that the CCTA make all their members adhere to binds us into good lending practices.

We offer a range of loan products but without a doubt, our specialty is logbook loans. These are offered against the value of your vehicle and paid off over a longer contract term. We want to help a portion of the population of the United Kingdom that seems to be getting bigger and bigger – those individuals with a poor credit rating. They are not able to secure loan products with other high street banks because of the fact that they have defaulted before on repayments.

We can help and our loan products are specifically affordable for this very reason – to help people with bad credit ratings get loan products when they need them most, most notably for emergency situations. Our staff know their stuff and they are waiting to help you. They will guide you every step of the application process, explain everything to you and more importantly, furnish you with a loan product that you can indeed afford to repay each and every month. Ethically, we believe we are obligated to do this. We do not want you to default because you are struggling to make repayments.

So if you are suffering from bad credit but desperately need a loan product, look no further than the offerings from Columbi Loans. We are here to help you.